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Collaborative Planning
& Goal Setting

Coaching, Consultation & Training


Evaluation & Reflective

Words shared by our happy clients...

Good evening Dr. Flor,

Here is my prospectus… I tried to adhere to all that I have learned from you and I can say I am better for having you these last two semesters. You also brighten my day with your review of my project by not only pointing out my weaknesses but congratulating my growth. It helps to know (I) have inched up some and I will continue to practice all that you have taught. You are a great professor and you have inspired me to be a better professor. It is your critical analysis and the high expectations of us that help us to grow. Again, thank you for an intriguing, overwhelming, hard, and most important of all a great learning experience. You are the best. So here is my paper, do what you do. Correct it. Smile. Be blessed.


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