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Creative Adventures Consulting is a crafts-based firm dedicated to building our client’s learning capabilities, and supporting the learning endeavors and transformational journey of individuals, teams, organizations, and communities.  We offer a full profile of dissertation and thesis support services, thesis & academic writing advice, editing, and professional faculty-staff development. 


Expert Consulting and Rapid Support: Problem framing, Literature Review, Theoretical Framework, Methodology & Research Design, Data Analysis & Interpretation, Writing & Critical Thinking. 


Take your core knowledge and skills deeper and further as a Scientist & Scholar-Practitioner: In-depth personalized training, development, and mentoring. 

Writing & Editing

Intensive Writing Support targeting your Developmental needs; Editing & Full-Formatting Services; Expert APA Corrections

Faculty / Professional Development

Strengthen your core competencies as a member of the academic, scientific, or scholar-practitioner community as teacher, researcher, author, mentor, and advocate for evidence-based practice. 

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Creative Adventure’s Dissertation Consulting division supports graduate students in completing their thesis or dissertation writing and project by providing a unique profile of consulting and coaching services tailored to the developmental needs of each person based on an assessment of their knowledge and skills in key competency domains, matched with their own personal and professional goals and their graduate program’s expectations.  Our focus tends to be wholistic, and is particularly well-suited to those professionals or academics oriented towards a scholar-practitioner perspective who serve as advocates for evidence-based practice and research that addresses real-world situations, seeking to bridge the theory-practice gap.


Services for Students

  • Topic Selection / Problem-Opportunity Finding
  • Theoretical-Conceptual Framework
  • Library Research / Information Literacy
  • Literature Review
  • Research Questions / Hypotheses
  • Research Philosophy
  • Methodology & Research Design
  • Accessing Participants / Recruitment
  • Sampling / Sample Size / Power Analysis
  • Data Analyses & Interpretation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Research Ethics / IRB Preparation
  • Writing Coach
  • Copy Editing / Formatting / APA
  • Working with your Chair or Committee

Services for Faculty

  • Faculty Training & Development, Consultation, & Coaching: All things research, writing, and teaching
  • Thesis & Dissertation Chair / Mentoring Support
  • Developing a Research Agenda
  • Instructional & E-Learning Strategies
  • Strategies for Working with Difficult Students (or co-workers)
  • Professional effectiveness as an advocate for evidence-based practice
  • Training the 21st Century Scholar-Practitioner!

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Creative Adventures Chief Learning Officer and Senior Consultant Dr. Richard Flor brings 25+ years consulting to researchers and mentoring doctoral students, including more than 12 years serving as a dissertation proposal reviewer for both scientific merit and research ethics as a member of a University Institutional Review Board (IRB).

At Creative Adventures, we believe that learning — the ability to do something today that we were unable to do previously — is one of the most fundamental aspects of being Human, and that our ability to take pride in our learning and accomplishments, and to do so with compassion towards others and humility for ourselves, are central to our work.  We believe that it is important to help our clients achieve their goals, in part, by helping them uncover and explore their innate curiosity and creative intellect, and invite them to engage in learning as a Creative Adventure!

Why choose Creative Adventures Consulting?

  • 30+ years experience as a University Professor teaching, designing courses & curriculum, consulting, advising, and mentoring doctoral students
  • Training focus on building advanced knowledge & skills across eight academic core competency domains
  • Developmental focus tied to a progression of training modules and consulting-coaching activities.
  • Based on a Core Competency Framework with eight domains aligned with 21st Century scholar-practitioner knowledge & skills
  • Process consultation approach, that keeps you in the driver's seat, based on a collaborative partnership that assures ownership of your original work, and offers the greatest potential transformative learning.
  • 25+ years designing, developing, and teaching advanced doctoral-level research courses and workshops in quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods, experimental, and applied research
  • Expertise in applied research: Action Research, Program Evaluation, Needs Assessment, Appreciative Inquiry, & Quasi-Experimental Designs
  • 10+ years serving as a dissertation proposal reviewer for scientific merit, and as a member of an IRB for research ethics
  • 12+ years experience as a reviewer for scholarly journals and professional meetings/conferences
  • Scholar-practitioner orientation as an advocate for evidence-based practice

While we support those who are looking to address specific aspects of their thesis or dissertation, and can provide relatively quick solutions for many common problems that graduate students face through a solution-focused root-cause analysis, our vision looks towards developing scholar-practitioners who serve as advocates for evidence-based practice in managing the complexities faced by professionals in the 21st Century through their work as leaders, decision-makers, management professionals, consultants, educators, counselors / psychologists, researchers, and others whose work is based on the social, behavioral, organizational, or management sciences.

We are uniquely positioned to support the 21st Century scholar-practitioner, who strives to bridge the gap between theory and practice through the use of research and disciplined inquiry in creating actionable knowledge to address real-world situations with the goal of bringing about positive change and improvement in their profession, organization, or in the lives of those with whom they work or serve.

While we recognize and support the need for more basic, theoretical research — including laboratory and true experimental research – we are particularly well-equipped to support those who are pursuing more applied research including mixed-methods research based in a pragmatic philosophic tradition, action research, appreciative inquiry, program evaluation, policy analysis, and quasi-experimental research in field settings, as well as those who are looking for more in-depth, focused coaching and mentoring.

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We provide a full-range of consulting, training, and coaching services, including help with topic selection, critically-reviewing the literature, crafting your study’s focusing elements (i.e., problem and purpose statements, research questions / hypotheses), conceptual / theoretical framework, research design, dissertation/thesis proposal development, data analysis, writing support, proofreading and editing, form style review, and dissertation editing, all geared towards your specific needs and goals – from the relatively basic common problems that many graduate students face, up through 1-on-1 dissertation coaching for those who want or need more comprehensive support or deeper mentoring.

We also provide a full-range of editing services to assure your document meets your program’s form & style guidelines, and as needed to assure that the work that’s submitted is your own, writing support and coaching options.  

We also serve faculty who are seeking to take their knowledge and skills to higher levels in support of their roles as thesis or dissertation chair, researcher, and instructor. It’s been our experience that many academic faculty have gaps in their own competencies with respect to foundational knowledge in such areas as research philosophy, dissertation or thesis research design, data / statistical analysis, scholarly writing, and in their knowledge and skills in serving as a dissertation chair and instructor. We can offer a full-range of faculty and professional development opportunities that are assured to take not only beginning faculty and researchers to the next level developmentally, but any doctoral-level professional to new levels of understanding of and appreciation for the world of the 21s Century Scholar-practitioner, researcher, and advocate for evidence-based practice.

At Creative Adventures, we help you explore both the science and art of research and scholarship!

Our Evidence-based Process is Designed for Success

Initial Fit Determination

Competency / Readiness Assessment & Feedback

Collaborative Planning
& Goal Setting

Consulting or Coaching & Focused Training


Evaluation & Reflective

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Words shared by our happy clients...

Dr. Flor,

I wanted to thank you so much for your feedback and critiques of my work. You truly inspire me to be a better professor. Since taking your class I realize just how important feedback is to students. I have incorporated that aspect of your style for my students which are yielding great results. I can’t imagine how many hours you dedicate to us but I know it is far more than any professor I have ever taken before and it is very much appreciated by me directly and from my students who indirectly have felt your influence even without knowing you. Of my 120 students I have seen remarkable strides in the level of their work as a result of more feedback.

Thank you.


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