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Words shared by our happy clients...

Dr. Flor,

I wanted to take a minute to send you a message of gratitude for the feedback you provided on my assignment. This course is the first one I have had with an instructor that puts so much extra time and energy into feedback and grading. You seem to take things seriously, and I wanted you to know that I can tell and I really appreciate it.

This is also the first class I have had where I have scored less than a 99/100 on an assignment. It has been humbling, but I have learned so much from this experience in your class. I think you may be the first instructor to really “read” and consider what I have written. I do not mind receiving lower grades if I can grow from the experience. I am growing so much this quarter. I am grateful. You are challenging me to be better and that is why I came back to school. It feels so great to be challenged.

I am interested in learning what it takes to become a passionate instructor. I would love more than anything to eventually use my degree to become an educator. I would love to stop what I do right now and enter the world of teaching. I do not want to do things the way I have seen others teach, however. I want to teach the way you teach. Could you provide any recommendations for how to begin the process?

Anyway, thank you for the experience, so far. I look forward to a successful journey and cannot wait to continue.



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