Academic Thesis & Dissertation Coaching Services

Coaching-level support allows for deeper engagement with your consultant, and is appropriate when you know that you would like—or need—more extensive training, support, and guidance.  Coaching contracts are based on a minimum of 15 hours of consulting time per month, and a minimum 3-month contract.  This level of support typically begins with a formal needs assessment that includes work on your part in developing a personal / professional mission, vision, values, and goals statements. As is the case with all of our consulting services, the focus is on building your knowledge and skills across all core competency domains (as needed) surrounding the key document and scholarly activities you’re working on related to your doctoral journey (e.g., problem definition, literature review, research design, dissertation proposal, data analysis / interpretation, report writing, etc.).

The best support – The most valueincluded with our Coaching Services...

  • Based on a minimum of 15 hours per month of top-tier support each month
  • Options for more extensive needs assessment and/or personal goal-setting and mission statement activities
  • Extensive, in-depth review of documents (e.g., proposals, chapters, etc.) encompassing all aspects of such things as problem clarity and alignment with research design and theoretical framework, quality of literature review, research ethics, academic writing, etc.
  • Timely, detailed, practical, and goal-focused feedback on your demonstrated knowledge and skills across all core competency domains and quality of work relative to program expectation and standards (e.g., proposal's readiness for approval)
  • Options for more in-depth needs assessment, tied to goal-setting activities, development of a personal mission / vision statement, and detailed action planning
  • Focused training on selected, high-priority core competency domains that fall within your zone of proximal development and represent developmental needs to meet your program's expectations and succeed in completing your project
  • On-call expert consultation available via phone or e-mail
  • Thorough on-boarding process to ensure familiarity and understanding of your capabilities and goals
  • 3-Month Plan: Commitment to a more comprehensive creative learning adventure and mentoring by a senior-level researcher, methodologist, writing expert, and coach.

 Coaching Level Support

Support at this level offers not only the opportunity for more frequent engagement with your consultant (e.g., phone conferences every other week) but also more extensive focused training spanning a wider range doctoral-level core competency domains, leading to quicker-turn-around time for significant revisions that incorporate new knowledge and skills.  This has the potential to both speed-up the revisions-review-feedback-training / coaching-revisions cycle, but also to reduce the number of iterations required to approval and completion due to greater learning and acquisition of new skills with each revision.  While this level of support is closer to that which you ideally should be receiving from your Committee Chair, coaching at this level goes beyond that which many faculty are able–or supported–to provide in actual “training,” especially that which could be considered (gasp!) “remedial.”

Coaching is also appropriate for those students who need more extensive support in strengthening their writing skills, a competency domain that cuts across critical thinking, and often requires stronger training interventions needed to overcome long-held writing (and thinking) habits.  While we do provide examples of “action editing” (see below under “Editing Services”) as part of our thesis and dissertation Editing Services, without formal training and coaching it’s often difficult for students to build new, more advanced (or going back to the basics) expository and scholarly writing skills and habits.  

If you’re seeking someone who can serve as a mentor for your development as a scientist / scholar-practitioner–or writer and author–and you’re not receiving this level of support from your dissertation or thesis committee chair, our Dissertation Coaches can take you deeper and further into the world of the 21st Century scholar-practitioner in every aspect of your doctoral journey.  

Our Evidence-based Thesis & Dissertation Coaching Process is Designed for Success

Initial Fit Determination

Competency / Readiness Assessment & Feedback

Collaborative Planning
& Goal Setting

Coaching, Consultation & Training


Evaluation & Reflective

Words shared by our happy clients...


As one of your colleagues I can tell you that I learned more from you than in all of the courses I took or taught in research methodology. I am very grateful to you. I think differently now – and it has not only helped me as an instructor, but in my role as a consultant.


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