Tier 1: Academic Thesis & Dissertation Consulting Services

Consulting level support represents the first tier of services and availability for help with your dissertation, thesis, or during the CourseWork or comprehensive exam phase of your program, and is often a starting point for many of our student clients.  It is based on a minimum 10-hour per month contract and retainer, that is available on a month-to-month basis.

The best support – The most valueincluded with our Consulting Services...

  • Based on a minimum of 10 hours each month of top-tier support; additional hours as contracted with sliding fee scale
  • Extensive, in-depth review of documents (e.g., proposals, chapters, etc.) encompassing all aspects of such things as problem clarity and alignment with research design and theoretical framework, quality of literature review, research ethics, academic writing, etc.
  • Timely, detailed, practical, and goal-focused feedback on your demonstrated knowledge and skills across all core competency domains and quality of work relative to program expectation and standards (e.g., proposal's readiness for approval)
  • Includes basic needs assessment and determination of knowledge and skills across relevant competency domains
  • Focused training on selected, high-priority core competency domains that fall within your zone of proximal development and represent developmental needs to meet your program's expectations and succeed in completing your project
  • On-call expert consultation available via phone or e-mail
  • Thorough on-boarding process to ensure familiarity and understanding of your capabilities and goals
  • Month-to-month plan: No long-term contracts or agreements!

Consulting Level Support

Consulting level of support is appropriate for three main reasons: 

The first is to receive feedback on a written document(s) you send us for in-depth review, such as a dissertation proposal, chapters or the entire dissertation that you’re working on after data collection, or any other appropriate document that’s part of your doctoral program (e.g., course papers you want feedback on knowing the importance of seizing every opportunity to build core competencies).  In such a review we examine every facet of the document related to the topic and articulation of the problem, purpose, and research questions (i.e, the study’s “focusing elements”); the depth and quality of the review of the literature; appropriateness of the theoretical-conceptual framework; your proposed research design and alignment with the focusing elements and framework; and all facets of writing (i.e., grammar, expository, scholarly) and formatting (e.g., APA, pagination, etc.).

The second reason for working with a dissertation consultant is to benefit from focused training that builds new, more advanced knowledge and skills needed to successfully navigate the rigorous expectations of your University or specific to your program.  Detailed, in-depth feedback can only go so far without the scaffolding that supports new, more sophisticated learning needed as an entry-level member of the scientific community (i.e., that which doctoral students hope to accomplish upon graduation).  Our expertise in experiential training and development leads us to be able to provide a level and quality of training–and immersion into a topic for exploration and learning–that is often missing in higher education settings, especially in online programs.  

The third facet of hiring a consultant is to have available to you an “on-call expert” who is available for questions that you have, to serve as a sounding board for your ideas—and struggles—and to provide training and support as needed to help you build more advanced knowledge and skills as a scholar-practitioner.

A minimum of ten hours per month typically provides sufficient time for the initial “on-boarding” activities (e.g., entry- and start-up phases where we establish the foundation of our consulting partnership, including determination of your needs, interests, and goals); an in-depth review with extensive written feedback on the document you are working on (e.g., dissertation proposal); and the follow-up meeting to discuss your dissertation project, feedback on your paper, and develop a clear action plan for moving forward with your project and targeted areas for development in building core competencies.  In addition, it’s our preference to schedule one “focused training” session targeting your developmental needs, which can relate to such things as helping you take your knowledge to the next level about identifying researchable topics, crafting problem statements and research questions, research methods and designs, how to “critically” review the literature, deeper examination of theoretical frameworks, and of course writing, including expository and/or scholarly writing strategies.

And, throughout the month, we are available as “on call” consultants to address your questions, serve as a sounding board, etc. as needed by phone and/or e-mail!

You may contract for more than 10 hours per month, and hours paid for that are not used in any given month roll-over to the next month. 

We can help YOU with these things, and more!

Services for Students

  • Topic Selection / Problem-Opportunity Finding
  • Theoretical-Conceptual Framework
  • Library Research / Information Literacy
  • Literature Review
  • Research Questions / Hypotheses
  • Research Philosophy
  • Methodology & Research Design
  • Accessing Participants / Recruitment
  • Sampling / Sample Size / Power Analysis
  • Data Analysis & Interpretation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Research Ethics / IRB Preparation
  • Writing Coach
  • Copy Editing / Formatting / APA
  • Working with your Chair or Committee
  • Building Critical Thinking / Visual-Literacy & Meta-Cognitive Competencies

Our Evidence-based Thesis & Dissertation Consulting Process
is Designed for Success

Initial Fit Determination

Competency / Readiness Assessment & Feedback

Collaborative Planning
& Goal Setting

Coaching, Consultation & Training


Evaluation & Reflective

Words shared by our happy clients...

Dr. Flor,

I have to let you know that it was your STRONG leadership and guidance that brought me through this (project). Your handouts and helpful tips made the difference. But more than that – it is the excitement with which you approach teaching that is rather infectious (pun intended) and kept me wanting to produce good work for you.

Thank you much,

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