Academic Thesis & Dissertation Editing Services

Our thesis or Dissertation Editing Services focus on making sure that your document (i.e., proposal, dissertation, thesis) is up-to-snuff in terms of basic grammar, sound use of expository and scholarly writing strategies—including style formatting (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago Style, etc.)—and that it meets all of the technical formatting guidelines of your program, including readiness for publication (e.g., Dissertation Abstracts).

Please note, however, that editing services, at least alone (i.e., without consulting or coaching contracts), are not focused on the soundness of your research design or the quality of your review of the literature, and does not entail actual re-writing of your work.  In reviewing your document (e.g., research proposal, completed thesis or dissertation), should our initial review uncover areas which could prevent your work from being approved due to such things as the quality of the research design, soundness of your data analyses, interpretation of the data, or clear statement of implications (i.e., for theory or practice) and recommendations for future research–in addition to deeper issues with writing quality–we will certainly provide feedback on this.  

There is a very clear ethical boundary which we will not cross to assure that the work you submit is yours, and represents your demonstrated competencies and original work.  

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  • Editing services require an initial retainer, depending on the length of document you send us.
  • Options for formal in-depth review and assessment of your demonstrated writing competencies related to grammar, expository, and scholarly writing skills.
  • Detailed list of edits made, and applicable guidelines (e.g., APA, your University's or program's written expectations, scholarly writing norms, etc.)
  • Comments about areas in your work that (a) require revision beyond that which we can ethically provide, and (b) feedback and direction to resources--or suggested training / coaching--to help you further develop your writing skills.
  • Options for focused training and support through action-editing services that provide a platform for you making necessary revisions needed to maintain ownership of and the ethical integrity of your work.
  • General comments, as warranted, about the quality of your work in meeting the expectations for scholarly work, such as clarity and consistency of focusing elements, depth & breadth of literature review, theoretical grounding, validity of the research design and/or data analysis, soundness of your interpretations and stated implications.
  • Editing Contract: Based on the nature and length of document you submit for editing.

It’s important to recognize that it’s not uncommon for students to send us work for what starts out as pure editing, only to encounter that there are potential “deal breaker” (i.e., for “approval”) issues beyond the technical form & style guidelines which we can ethically edit and correct.  Most often, this is the case for students submitting a proposal rather than their completed thesis or dissertation for which the proposal had already been vetted and approved by your chair, committee, and program- and/or university-level (e.g., IRB) reviewers.  

Hopefully, the work you submit–especially if it is the final deliverable of your capstone project (i.e., thesis or dissertation), which has already been approved by your chair and committee (at least)–will be free from major errors in such things as the quality of the review of the literature, soundness of the research design, analysis of the data, and interpretation of the results.  In this case, most of what’s required with respect to editing is that which represents merely the mechanical (e.g., word processing) and technical formatting details related to writing and the layout and presentation of your work to meet the requirements need for publication (e.g., Dissertation Abstracts). 

Should our review of your work, and subsequent editing, uncover potential or likely issues that go beyond that which is ethically appropriate to edit–without compromising your work as an original contribution reflecting your core competencies–we will provide commentary, feedback, and recommended resources and training targeting those core competencies that you may need to develop further.  

Writing Support

Editing for theses and dissertations represents a unique context in comparison to editing in professional or journalistic settings in that what you’re submitting must be a demonstration of your knowledge and skills, representing an original work authored by you, to be evaluated as part of your graduate program’s educational requirements.  At Creative Adventures, we do NOT do the writing for you, nor do we sell canned papers, which we deem unethical.  If the document you send us reflects obvious or potentially serious limitations in your writing skills, there is only so much that we can ethically do to correct this without actually re-writing the paper. This is where our work as “action editors” comes in to play

Action Editing

Our editing services includes the option for support that is referred to as “action editing.”  This approach to editing is one where we will, on a limited basis, re-write sentences or even paragraphs as way to provide examples of stronger writing skills related to basic grammar (e.g., sentence and paragraph structure; punctuation), and both expository and scholarly writing strategies.  We will also point out other areas in your document where we encourage you to make revisions in applying stronger writing strategies that we’ve given examples of, so that you maintain ownership of the actual writing and content.

Should your work require extensive revisions that likely deserve focused training and development of new, more advanced and sophisticated writing strategies, we will work with you to determine an appropriate plan of action aimed at helping you build your writing–and most likely critical thinkingcore competencies.  This could include a short-term consulting contract or extended services with a writing coach.  

Research Design

As editors, we may uncover issues related to such things as the clarity and consistency of your study’s “focusing elements” (i.e., problem statement, purpose statement, research questions), and alignment between the purpose and research questions and your chosen research design and theoretical framework.  While we will certainly point these out to you, it’s not part of an editor’s role to work with you to address these issues (or those related to the quality of the literature review in terms of depth of critical analysis and synthesis across the literature). Hopefully, if you’ve sent us your completed thesis or dissertation, these issues would have been caught by members of your committee, or whomever serves as the formal reviewer of proposals. If, for example, we’re editing your capstone or dissertation proposal and uncover significant issues with respect to research design—or the quality of the literature review—we will invite you to contract for additional consulting support so that we can better serve your needs and help you build stronger core competencies in these areas.

Our goal in editing your work is to preserve the integrity of your document in reflecting your knowledge and skills, while making all of the corrections in technical formatting requirements of your university or program, APA / form & style, typos and spelling, along with minor edits and corrections in grammar that do not change the essential content of your paper as an original work representing your knowledge and skills.  

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I requested Dr. Flor as my dissertation mentor after attending several of his colloquial classes, where I was impressed with his extensive theoretical and methodological knowledge. Once I started the dissertation process, I came to appreciate not only his procedural knowledge, but also his ability to help me develop into a scholar-practitioner, while guiding me through the intricate web of academic merit, ethics review boards, and statistical analysis. To anyone engaged in a capstone research project, Dr. Flor would be an invaluable asset to have in your corner.


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