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As experiential training and development professionals, our years of experience in designing and delivering dozens of hands-on and face-to-face learning experiences for a wide-variety of teams and professionals—including but not limited to graduate students—leads us to recognize the importance of and value in making available to our clients the opportunity for a variety of workshop and immersion experiences.  Writing Retreats, in particular, offer an opportunity to step away from the demands of your regular schedule in a relaxed and yet energized setting that stimulates your creative intellect and allows you to focus on crafting your project, whether you’re at the planning / proposal phase, data analysis / interpretation / report writing, or are re-tooling your dissertation or thesis into a manuscript for publication!

Upcoming Workshops

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Upcoming Writing Retreats

  • New writing workshops are coming! Please check back soon for more information.

Virtual Workshops that engage you experientially in exploring the art and science of research and disciplined inquiry!

The doctoral journey is meant to be a life-changing transformational learning experience where not only one’s professional perspective changes and personal worldview expands, but where one’s entire concept of “self-as-a-professional” and “self-as-global citizen” evolve.  Such a “shift in mind,” which Peter Senge labeled “metanoia,” can be facilitated through hand-crafted experiential learning encounters that engage participants on multiple levels intellectually, physically, and emotionally.  The nature of the doctoral experience in particular presents us with unique problem-solving situations which often take us out of our comfort zone in exploring unknown aspects of our personal—including philosophic and spiritual–professional, and scholarly selves.  These situations necessarily challenge us to apply new knowledge or skills, in novel settings.  These conditions represent some of the essential ingredients for experiential learning ventures, where engaging in critical reflection on the meaning of these experiences with respect to our personal and professional goals, beliefs, and “mental models” about how the world around us works, and about ourselves as someone who is capable of learning, growing, and having a positive impact on those with whom we come in contact can foster meta-level transformative learning.

Are you being challenged to think deeply — philosophically — about yourself...
as a professional, as scholar, as a global citizen?

Though experiential learning principles guide all of our work in providing consultation and coaching support, we offer two distinct types of learning opportunities for those looking to engage in more focused time-bound experiential training and development sessions: Virtual Workshops and extended Writing Retreats.

Virtual Workshops

Throughout the year, we offer “Virtual Workshops” which focus on topics of interest to graduate students, beginning researchers, and those who want to learn more about how to serve as advocates for evidence-based practice and how to create actionable knowledge as 21st Century scholar-practitioners. While many of these topics are tied to the “core competencies” that we focus on helping our clients develop, we will also explore topics related to innovative practices and pressing issues facing professionals in a number of fields.

Workshops will be delivered via a live web-based interactive meeting forum, lasting anywhere from 1 ½ to 3 hours, and will involve preliminary reading and prep-work, along with follow-up work and a one-on-one personalized debrief that helps you anchor your learning and begin transferring the new knowledge and skills you’ve developed to your academic and/or professional work. In each session, you will be tasked with applying the key concepts, knowledge, or skills to some aspect of your scholarly or professional work.

These workshops are available on an open-enrollment pay-per-session basis: You do not have to be a current client with us! For those who are currently working with us under a coaching or consulting contract, you may sign-up for any of the workshops as part of your existing contract at a reduced rate.

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Writing Retreats

Extended Writing Retreats typically spanning 3-5 days offer the opportunity for a wholistic “immersion” experience into the world of the scientist / scholar-practitioner aimed at helping you to delve deeper into those aspects of your personal and professional self related to a current project you’re working on, such as your dissertation, thesis, or other research- or writing-oriented project. The primary focus is geared towards intensive writing and development of your project, accompanied by a variety of activities designed to stimulate creativity, lateral thinking, and professional development.

We partner with small retreat and conference centers that offer a relaxed and intimate setting in beautiful outdoor environments known for their rustic nature and top quality lodging and dining facilities.

What You Get Out Of A Writing Retreat...

  • Pre-assessment of and feedback on your written work (e.g., proposal, dissertation, article manuscript, etc.)
  • One-on-one personalized coaching and consultation as you work on your writing project
  • Consultation with expert methodologists, statisticians, and editors on:
  • Research design
  • Data analysis
  • Expository & Scholarly Writing Strategies
  • Collaborative / Peer-engagement:
  • Development of your skills is expanded by engaging in “critiques” of others’ work.
  • Establishing “critical friendships” and extended support networks that transcend the boundaries of the retreat
  • Creative / Lateral Thinking Activities:
  • Visual & Creative Arts
  • Visual Literacy & Critical Thinking Exercises
  • Relaxation / Mental Rejuvenation / “Sharpen the Saw” Activities:
  • Tai Chi / Yoga
  • Meditation / Massage
  • Guided Naturalist Hikes
  • Fly Fishing
  • Cross-country Skiing
  • Follow-up Consultation / Individual Debrief

While the focus of our retreats is on writing and design (i.e., your dissertation proposal / chapters, thesis, manuscript, book) there is much that goes on behind the work on your project beyond training in advanced expository and scholarly writing strategies. For instance, if you’re working on a dissertation proposal, you may be working on developing your skills in critically reviewing the literature, which entails the critical analysis and the write-up of your review. Or you may be working out any number of your study’s research design components, such as crafting the study’s key “focusing elements” (i.e., problem/opportunity statement, purpose statement, research questions) and aligning these with the study’s specific research design. Or you may be working on developing your study’s instrumentation, such as a quantitative survey or qualitative interview protocol. You may be working on data analysis, interpretation, and writing up of the results for chapters 4 and 5. Or, you might be working on re-tooling your completed project into an article manuscript to be submitted for publication.

Examples of Daily Writing Retreat Activities

  • Wake-up Activity (e.g., Yoga, Tai-Chi, Meditative Sessions)
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Sessions:
  • Icebreakers / Brain Energizers
  • Writing Strategies
  • Individualized & Group Consultations
  • Writing!
  • Lunch – Semi-structured conversations
  • Afternoon Sessions:
  • Writing / Project Work & Individual Consultation
  • Peer Engagement
  • Collective Learning / Systems-Thinking Activities
  • Personal Activity / Lateral Thinking / Reflection Time
  • Fly-fishing
  • Hikes / Cross-country skiing
  • Visual Literacy Activities
  • Solo Reflection / Journaling time
  • Social Hour & Dinner
  • Evening Sessions:
  • Fireside reflections / conversations / daily debriefs
  • Project Work / Critical Conversations / Dialogue

Regardless of what phase you’re at in working on your project, we will provide individualized consultation and coaching that facilitates your writing and which stimulates the creative, scientific, intellectual, and artistic dimensions that underlie scholarly work. All members of our team of consultants possess expertise in both research (i.e., philosophy, methods, design, data analysis) and in writing (i.e., grammar, APA, expository & scholarly writing strategies).

We generally keep the number of participants in our retreats to a small and manageable number, and as needed will bring on additional faculty in order to keep the participant-consultant ratio low. As needed, we will also bring on additional faculty who provide expertise to support the specific profile of participants and their individual project’s characteristics.

We also partner with other artisans and craftspeople who provide a variety of activities intended to stimulate creativity and lateral thinking through various mind-body exercises.

Our retreats are designed as a complete immersion experience beginning with the first evening’s welcoming activities that include appreciative interviews and the development of a personal provocative proposition intended to focus your writing and creative thinking for the retreat.

More than anything, however, our Writing Retreats are designed to address the complete writer-as-creator wholistically, recognizing that there is both science and art behind scholarly and academic writing. We provide a structure for the entire day that balances mental / intellectual, physical, and creative / reflective time and activities.

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Dr Flor

Please find attached my paper. It has been quite the growing process. I so look forward to your comments, feedback and direction as I know this is a step down the path towards greater learning and growth. Thank you so much for everything this quarter, it has truly been an amazing experience!

The best to you! 🙂


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